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My deepest joy at work is to study, build and exercise transformational leadership - especially in places where the world, its institutions and its leaders most need to heal, transcend unhelpful routines and transition.

For three decades I have worked around the globe in the field of leadership and change – be that in top executive leadership positions myself, as a change consultant to senior leaders, or through pioneering breakthrough research in the field.

This unique combination makes me a sought-after authority and advisor to leaders grappling with the challenges of adapting their institutions- and themselves - to rapidly changing and uncertain contexts.

I now also extensively write, speak and teach about change and its leadership, with the aim of bringing my insights to a wider world.

I hope you find the themes and content in this website personally enriching.


What others say:

‘Deborah is a unique change practitioner. She combines a passion for helping leaders navigate change successfully, a deep understanding of current and past change research, and an exceptional personal presence as adviser, coach and agent provocateur.’                                                                      

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