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Still Moving Launch Video

Super summary of what Still Moving leadership means, and how it helps leaders lead change better - filmed with the Still Moving team at the London launch of Deborah’s latest book, Still Moving: How to Lead Mindful Change"

"A book for our times. At last. Thank you Deborah for penning a pioneering and powerful guide to leadership and organizational change in these accelerated times. The book invites us to go deeper when a million distractions vie for our attention and keep us 'busy'. It outlines with rigour and diligence how to build the capacity to tolerate the discomfort of change with more awareness, ease and energy . It is not for the faint hearted , the book challenges us to go on a journey with the engaging case studies and elegant explanations of what it is to be a leader today. Asking us to become profoundly aware of the inner fine tuning required to be present to systemic changes within teams, the organization and the wider global context. Especially when leading teams and organisations into the unknown there is an extreme need for safety and trust ....she invites us to look at what leadership qualities and states enable us and which disable us when navigating uncertainty . Not only is the leader's inner state key but understanding the dynamics and energies that are the complex tectonic layers of the system. Respectful and robust leadership of self and others takes practice and commitment, Deborah asks us to start our practice now with the first step of reading her book."

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