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Systemic Leader

A systemic leader gets to the source of today’s routines and changes the system from that place. Not work at the event level, but the deeper level of assumptions, identity, loyalties, natural affiliations and deeply held beliefs about ourselves and the world around us - the deep undercurrents that drive our habitual action.

As a systemic perceiver I therefore peer beneath the surface of what is being said and done, non-judgmentally give a place to all of this experience and join up the dots between events to see (potentially stuck) patterns. These routines might be out of rational awareness to the individual, team, or whole system I am guiding. But it is usually deeply felt.

I bring this ‘felt experience’ into awareness in the here-and-now-moment, helping people see their routines as they occur, be that when I am sitting coaching with an individual, facilitating a top team in their strategic decision making, or facilitating a large scale leadership event. The culture is always ‘in the room’, what happens in conversation is a fractal of the wider systemic forces – my skill is to be both able to see that and encourage my clients to change that in real time.

In summary, I don’t run events or make interventions about change, I run events and make interventions that change! And what’s more, I build the skills for leaders to do that when I am not there. Indeed, Tuning Into The System was the number one inner capacity of successful change leaders in my latest research.

What others say:

‘Deborah is a skilful and insightful consultant and change leader. Her help was invaluable in developing change capability across the organization and in the turnaround of the US business. I would not hesitate to recommend Deborah as a change consultant and coach to senior executives and change leaders who are wrestling with the significant challenges of business transformation.’

Director, US Pharma