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My deepest joy at work is to study, build and exercise transformational leadership - especially in places where the world, its institutions and its leaders most need to heal, transcend unhelpful routines and transition.

For three decades I have worked around the globe in the field of leadership and change – be that in top executive leadership positions myself, as a change consultant to senior leaders, or through pioneering breakthrough research in the field.

This unique combination makes me a sought-after authority and advisor to leaders grappling with the challenges of adapting their institutions - and themselves - to rapidly changing and uncertain contexts.

I now also extensively write, speak and teach about change and its leadership, with the aim of bringing my insights to a wider world.

I hope you find the themes and content in this website personally enriching.


What others say:

‘Deborah is a unique change practitioner. She combines a passion for helping leaders navigate change successfully, a deep understanding of current and past change research, and an exceptional personal presence as adviser, coach and agent provocateur.’                                                                      

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"A fresh modern take on leading organisations through change"

"A truly insightful book which changes your whole view on change itself"

"It engages the reader in an approach to thinking and implementation which is challenging and truly revolutionary"

"It is really inspiring and nearly every sentence makes me want to put the book down and think as well as feel through what it means for myself and my leadership"

"As I finished each chapter and its stories, I felt quite reflective"

"It truly invites you on a journey of discovery"

"Still Moving is creative and inspiring, inviting / challenging us to look at ourselves and others in a more holistic way"

"I'm really enjoying it. It's going to stretch me both about how I inhabit my role - where I'm at personally in doing that - and how I then engage with the wider system"

"I am moved by your very powerful voice around socially responsible change"